12 Sep

I discovered a remedy that changed my life four years ago: manuka honey. I was desperate to find some warmth and comfort as I was suffering from a persistent cold and sore throat, and I had run out of herbal tea. In what I now lovingly call my "naka drink," I found a jar of Manuka honey in my mother's kitchen cabinet. I mixed it into a calming mixture with a pinch of curiosity and a generous pinch of hope.

I drank this new remedy several times a day and was surprised to find that it soothed me, allowing me to fall asleep peacefully at night. The next morning, my cold had subsided, and I was amazed at the effectiveness of what was essentially water with honey added to it.Even though the story has all the makings of a testimonial, I did some research and found some interesting information. Methylglyoxal, or MGO, is a naturally occurring antibacterial agent found in manuka honey that helps it effectively fight off harmful bacteria.  

Beyond this, the antioxidants it contains highlight its anti-inflammatory qualities. These antioxidants reduce edoema, providing relief to individuals suffering from respiratory distress and episodes of coughing. That begs the question, though: Where can you get this miracle? Well, Manuka honey can be found in many herbal and organic stores. Choose a product with an MGO rating of 300 or higher when you're looking for a jar. Generally speaking, the health benefits and antibacterial qualities become more noticeable the higher the grade. 

For those seeking an extra boost of immunity, consider blending it with lemon and ginger—perfect for those who find the notion of a simple honey and water elixir less than appealing (though it works wonders for me!).

Credibility source: 7 Proven Benefits and Uses of Manuka Honey (healthline.com)

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